There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, forming 20% of the world's population and all the global financial consultants agree that the Shariah Compliant Halal industry is the most unexploited market in the world. The appetite of this vast sector is seeing unprecedented growth. With an escalating younger generation of Muslims, a dire need has arisen to offer them products which suit their Halal lifestyle and Islamic values.

This unprecedented growth has had very little impact on hospitality industry and the Muslim Traveller continues to face difficulties when travelling.

Research has shown that:
• 67% of Muslims have been dissuaded from holidaying in the West due to the lack of Shariah Friendly/Shariah Compliant services;
• 99% of Muslims who stay in hotels agree that they would book a hotel or airline which accommodated or offered some services in accordance with their faith;

• 3.15 million Muslims visit the UK, but only 500,000 choose to stay in hotels.

Therefore, there is a huge potential for the hospitality industry in the Muslim market.

Go Iman seeks to address the needs of Muslim travellers by creating partnerships with both new and existing hotels around the world, allowing them to benefit their company by making their hotel Shariah Friendly/Compliant. Many hotels are already Shariah Friendly or Shariah Compliant and only require a few adjustments to achieve this status. Your hotel can be awarded certification through an inexpensive and simple methodology, allowing you to do what you do best.

Join us today to connect to 1.6 billion Muslims.